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With its perennial sunshine, beachside boardwalks and vibrant atmosphere, people from all over the world flock to Los Angeles. A city of contradictions, LA manages to marry the extravagant with the mellow: it is a place where multi-millionaires and bohemian surfers can seamlessly co-exist. This seemingly-impossible contrast only makes Los Angeles more intriguing, and gives this sprawling city its iconic identity.

But in a city so large, and with so much to offer, it’s difficult to narrow down the best things to see and do. Luckily, at Zaftyg, we’ve done it for you! Whether you love to lounge at the beach, or prefer to trawl the endless rows of designer stores, read on for our ultimate 3-day Los Angeles itinerary.

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Day 1

First things first: brunch! LA is definitely not lacking in delicious brunch options, and prides itself on its rich, diverse culinary scene. Try Republique for pastries, or Cici’s Café for stacks of fluffy pancakes.

The iconic Hollywood Boulevard is arguably one of the world’s most famous streets; spend an hour or two following the trail of pink-and-gold handprints which punctuate the sidewalk, searching for your favourite actor or celebrity. Make sure also to take a look at the Chinese Theatre, which is guaranteed to act as an outdoor stage for a range of quirky street performers.

Next, head to Beverly Hills: the city’s most glamorous neighbourhood. Rodeo Drive slices through its centre, framed by two uniform rows of designer stores and boutiques, boasting names such as Gucci and Cartier.

Finish off your first day with a cocktail at swanky bar The Rooftop by JG, which offers unbelievably panoramic views of Beverly Hills and the mountains beyond.

Day 2

Kick off your second day in Los Angeles by heading down to lively Venice Beach. A popular hangout for LA’s surfing and skating community, the beach’s boardwalk is always a hub of activity; take a walk from the southern end of the promenade, where the beach joins Marina del Rey, and up towards Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Here, you can find some of Los Angeles’ smaller independent stores and boutiques.

Later, as the sun begins to set, head to bright, twinkling Santa Monica pier, where a collection of fairground rides, stalls, and restaurants are suspended above the sea by a wooden boardwalk. Spend an evening here reliving your childhood, and enjoying the light, colour and noise.

Day 3

Alongside its glittering stores and wide, elegant boulevards, Los Angeles is known also for its proximity to nature. A city encased by mountains and canyons, LA’s surrounding areas are unexpectedly rugged and breathtakingly beautiful. Up by the Hollywood Hills are a range of hiking trails and footpaths, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the nature that LA has to offer.

Start by trekking to the celebrated Hollywood Sign for that perfect photo opportunity, before making your way over to the Griffith Observatory. From here, the view across the city is second-to-none – especially as the sun goes down.

For dinner, head to Marina del Rey’s Killer Shrimp to try, of course, their famous shrimp dishes, including mouth-watering surf and turf or lobster and shrimp enchiladas.

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