Meet Victoria Rusk. Deeply interested in compassion, forgiveness, and being of service to her community, Victoria describes herself as a unicorn. She is from Lubbock, TX, yet lives in Houston, TX. Her business is in mitigation investigations and consulting. “I’m an entrepreneur in criminal defense which is my life’s work. Then I have hobbies which are small businesses in the making: New Decision Therapy and Astrology Reading,” she explains to us. These are the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an astrologer.

Whether you’re a devoted astrology lover, a casual horoscope reader, or an absolute skeptic, there’s a lot you can learn from this mystical science. In this interview for Zaftyg, Victoria Rusk, answers the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an astrologer.

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How did you get into astrology?   

Church! Yes, a Christian church called Unity. What a perfect place, right?! I was 26 years old. My church-family member was a brilliant astrologer. The church hosted a weekly class on astrology and other new age teachings. I went, and was amazed and really inspired to understand myself in a more in-depth way. 

How long have you been an astrologer? 

Professionally taking appointments: 3 years. 

Can you explain astrology in your own words?

The zodiac is the what. The house system in where in your life. Astrology is just a human as its own universe explained. 

Can you explain what each planet rules, in your own words?

That’s a lot! Sun is ego. Moon is emotions. Rising or Ascendant is personality. Mercury is your communication style. Venus is how you want to be loved. Mars is how you show love. Jupiter is your wealth (relationship or money). Saturn is your struggle to conquer in this life. North Node is heaven and south is hell (for the soul). Ha!  

What are the houses? What is the impact of the 10th house in someone’s birth chart?

The 10th house is the expression of a person’s public persona or fame or reputation, how the person is seen as a figure on the world stage. So Chiron on the MC is in Taurus is hardworking, practical in regards to showing the wounded element of me and others through my life’s work. 

What types of astrology do you work with?

I work with Placidus and Nikola’s degree theory.  

Have you used degree theory? If so, why is it important?

Yes. I love Nikola Stojanovic’s degree theory. He is brilliant. To me and my understanding of this theory is that the degree is the how. Again, the zodiac is the what and the house is the where and the degree is the how. My MC in 28 degree (cancer degree). My fame (10H) is practical, hardworking (Taurus) and how I do is I treat people like family (28 degree, cancer degree). 

What are your sun, moon, rising and mercury in? What sign and planets are in your 10th house? 

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon and Virgo rising. I was born in Lubbock, TX USA at 3:36pm April 5 1983. I have Chiron Conjunct my MC. In the actual 10H I have N.Node 28 degree Gemini.  

What is the most powerful or beneficial thing about astrology?

The most beneficial thing about astrology is that it helps a human understand itself and how to get what the soul desires. We are souls in human form and the soul gets what it wants. It might not be what we want or what we need but it happens. Your soul is pushing you around getting the experience it came to earth to get. 

Do you have a favorite sign?

Capricorn is my favorite! 

Why is it important to have the exact time of birth?

The time of birth is crucial because the time determines the housing system or structure of the chart. The time of birth is when a person begins the journey on earth.

Describe a success and a struggle that occurred during a session.

A success was when I predicted my client would have a baby with their current sweetheart!  A struggle occurs when people don’t like what I have to say or how the reading goes. I have mercury in Aries square my moon in Capricorn, so it is what it is.

When is the best time to get a reading done?

Around your birthday.

What are the stars telling us about what is happening in the world right now?

The stars are telling us to go inward and work on ourselves. The stars want us to know our unique selves and discover the warrior inside us. We have to know who we are and what we are willing to fight for (people, places or things). To know yourself so you can participate successfully in our communities and specifically the systemic changes that are beyond our control.

Secrets of Saturn
Secrets of Saturn

How is next year looking with Jupiter in Aquarius? When does that happen?

Jupiter in Aquarius started in December 2020. 2021 is looking funny as hell. People will finally start thinking outside the box and being innovative, and they will be almost forced to, because Saturn will travel with Jupiter for a bit. Jupiter is wanting its time in Aquarius, which will want us to come up with financial, scientific resolutions for the blessing with desire.

Is 2021 a good year in astrology?

It is not good or bad. I encourage all people to not judge what is happening and just observe. Real relief won’t be till 2024, when Pluto moves out of Capricorn. The USA specifically must complete its Pluto return before we even start to feel relief.

What is the rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and when was the last time it occurred?

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is roughly every 33-38 years. The last one was 1982 in Libra. I was born in 1983. This conjunction is an upheaval on the planet when structure means transformation. 

What are your thoughts on Taurus in Uranus until 2026 and when was the last time this occurred?

My thought on Taurus (values, resources, and money) in Uranus (revolution, truth) is that we are shifting what we value and how we value it. We should not fear change but embrace it. Uranus is showing us that our resources are more valuable that status. This transit will help us care about the earth so much more (Taurus). This transit will create a revolution in how we deal with money and each other. I think it will make bartering in communities a thing. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the 1930s. My grandmother just had her Uranus return.

What can we expect as a collective over the next few years?

For the collective, we can expect a transformation from self to community to systems to global shifts. Start with yourself and don’t move to the community dynamic till you are secure with self. The longest journey is that one from the mind to the heart (someone cool said that) and it’s true! Let’s rearrange ourselves and go inward and self-empathize—take your time. Leading up to Pluto at 27 degree Capricorn will be the greatest discomfort of our lives, especially in the United States. The actual Pluto return starts in December 2022. I honestly can’t get past this time. At that time, Uranus and the North Node will be conjunct. and Saturn will still be in Aquarius.  There is no way for me to think about 2023 and beyond because the day to day must play out. My message to the collective will be to do the inner work with your soulmates now and build your best family and community to prepare for 2023.

How much of life do you believe is fate vs. free will?

I believe all of life is about figuring this out. Being a human is fun! Did I attract this—fate and what will I do about it—free will? The choices we make are from the subconscious which is programmed through our developmental changes. That same subconscious is working with the universal laws. What you are doing right now came from choices you made to form the beliefs that *this or that* would be good or bad for your life. And this was questions you’ve always wanted to ask an astrologer!

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